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Chloe's Braids

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Long braids, and curly fringes!

Faces | Verts | Tris: 30k | 30k | 58k
Bones: 45

Blendfile, fbx, textures used in the pics

  • Do not resell it, edited or not, on its own/as a single item.
  • It may only be resold, or made any profit with it, if it is part of a project/model.
  • Do not make it possible for anyone to get it for free. Even it if it is part of a project, other individuals may only have access to it by purchasing said project.
  • If you plan on giving it away, as a gift or a for giveaway-event, please purchase the item twice.
  • It is strictly prohibited to resell the asset on a project while allowing costumers to take the asset off the project. Have the following text, or anything similar, applied to your seller site that includes the asset: "It is strictly prohibited to take the asset off the project without owning a licence."
  • Credits are not a must, but highly appreciated.
  • Not understanding, or not having read TOU, updated or old, does not exclude from any consequences.

Used in preview:
Hairtextures by Wetcat
Head by Nikkie
Body by Pandaabear