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Please read the TERMS OF USE before you purchase any product. Failing to follow the TOU will yield consequences.


Here will the Terms of Use for all Assets/Products, from, explained.

The TOS applied to all of the 3D assets for sale on this website.

All my assets for sale on this website are for commercial and personal use.

  • Use and sales are unlimited. 

Resale of my assets is prohibited.

  • You are not allowed to sell the assets on their own, whether edited or original. Monetary gain is only allowed if it is part of a project (e.g., a 3D model). 

It is prohibited to upload my assets to any other file-sharing website.

  • Do not upload my assets, as-is or edited, to any other file-sharing websites (e.g., MediaFire, Google Drive, etc.). Including sending my assets via DM (direct messages) on apps like Discord, Skype, etc., which is also strictly prohibited. 

Do not allow third parties (e.g., customers) to take my assets from a project or model.

  • Have the following text, or something similar, written with your product: "It is strictly prohibited to take assets, e.g., clothes or hair, from my model." "They are not to be distributed." 

Do not claim my asset as yours, edited or not.

  • It includes 3D meshes, textures, and other files created by me (Yeoris Assets). Any edits of my assets by you or other individuals must be credited to me (Yeoris Assets) using my website link, 

Distributing and/or using provided textures on other projects is strictly prohibited.

  • Only use the textures on the models or projects the asset is used on. If you wish to use the textures for other projects, then you must purchase them from the creator. 

Using my assets to promote any kind of malicious act is prohibited.

  • You cannot use my assets to promote paedophilia, self-mutilation, self-harm, self-injury, rape, drugs, sickness, racism, murder, any kind of politics, or to make fun of any kind of disability. 


It is prohibited to use my assets on "public avatars" or "free avatars". 

  • Avatars that do not need to be purchased cannot use my assets.

Do not gift or create a giveaway with an avatar that includes one of my assets.

  • If you still wish to do one, please contact me.

By purchasing any asset from you agree to these Terms of Use. Not having read the Terms of Use does not exclude from any consequences.

Last updated 01/02/2023